We are excited to announce that NOLA Fray and playNOLA Sports are joining forces!

As many of you may know, playNOLA is an awesome local organization that hosts great leagues for the local community and lives by our mission to help make fun possible. Amidst all of the changes the pandemic has brought we have remained focused on finding ways to deliver on our mission for you and our community. From virtual trivia, to book clubs, to slowly reopening sports, it's been our goal to strength our community and provide you an outlet to make fun possible.

To bring you the best social sports experience and to help strengthen our NOLA Community it just made sense to bring our two awesome communities together.

You can check out all of the upcoming leagues below.


League: Co-Ed Softball // Quad | Wednesday
Start Date: August 27

League: Co-Ed Softball // St. Pat’s | Friday, Semi-Competitive
Start Date: August 28

League: Co-Ed Softball // Quad & St. Pat’s | Monday
Start Date: August 31

League: Co-Ed Softball // Quad | Tuesday
Start Date: September 15


League: Kickball // Wisner | Thursday, Coed
Start Date: September 10

League: Kickball // Quad + CP | Thursday
Start Date: September 10

League:  Kickball // Wisner | Wednesday, Women Only
Start Date: September 16