Golden Rule
First and foremost all NOLA Fray leagues are 50% Social and 50% Sport. We do have officials; however, we expect individuals to respect the league’s culture of fair and fun play. Foul language and rough play will not be tolerated and individuals who cannot adhere to our standards of fair play and sportsmanship may be asked to leave the league. NOLA Fray wants everyone to have a fun and be social while enjoying a great sport.

Regulation baseball playing rules will be observed, with the following exceptions:

A. Team captains/asst. must add any roster additions electronically and player must sign the waiver electronically prior to playing in any NOLA Fray game. Failure to comply will result in a forfeit.
B. Anything not covered in these Rules, please refer to baseball rules. Any conflict between baseball rules and NOLA Fray rules will be decided by NOLA Fray.
C. Captains are responsible for knowing the rules and having a copy at each game.

2. PARKING – St. Patrick’s Park
Parking along the first and third base fences is highly discouraged. All players and guests park at their own risk and the league is not responsible for any vehicle damage.

3. League Registration Fees:
A. All team captains/managers are required to have their credit card on file with the league and will be responsible for all unpaid league fees. Captains/Manager’s credit cards are subject to being charged the balance of the league registration fees owed at any time after the first game.
B. All league fees are due the first week of the season. Any league fees not paid by week 2 will begin accruing a $25 per week late fee, beginning in week 3.
C. Should a team still carry a balance by week 3 then the team shall be subject to forfeiting all their games and removal from the league. Exceptions may be granted by NOLA Fray management on a case by case basis.

All teams are required to pay a $70 forfeit fee per season. If a team does not forfeit within the season, the fee shall be rolled over to the next season. If a team does forfeit, they must replenish the forfeit fee to the league within 2 weeks.

A. Players may play in more than one NOLA Fray Softball league providing the leagues are on different nights! ONLY ONE TEAM PER LEAGUE PER NIGHT!!!!
i.Players may fill in on other teams as substitutes to avoid forfeits for the regular season only.
ii. If a player is found to be playing on more than 1 teams for playoffs, that player shall be suspended for the remainder of the season/playoffs and the team that the player is not on or whichever roster he was added to last, shall forfeit all remaining playoff games. The player is also subject to a suspension the following season at the discretion of NOLA Fray.
B. Rosters are limited to 14 players per team fee, $400. Each additional player added is $15 per player.
C. Rosters are locked week 3 of the season.

Information with regards to rainouts will be made available as soon as the decision is made.
A. NOLA Fray reserves the right to reschedule games to alternative locations on different days or possibly extend the season to accommodate rescheduled games. Additional time slots on game nights may be added, games may be shortened or rules may be modified to get as many games in as possible. If we experience as excessive amount of cancellations, we will need to cut the season short. And no refunds will be given.
B. All seasons shall have a maximum of 2 makeup days on the regularly scheduled night of play.
C. Playoff dates are set at the beginning of the season. If games are not made up due to conditions beyond our control, then league standings shall be determined by win percentage for playoff seeding.
D. Playoff games shall be made up and played (If Possible). If, due to circumstances beyond NOLA Fray’s control, the games are not made up then the team with the best record in the regular season shall be deemed the champion.

A. Each team must pay one umpire before each game starts ($28.00 per game per team). In addition, each team shall pay the official scorer prior to the start of the game ($10 per team). Should only (1) official show, each team shall pay $18.00 to the umpire.
B. For the purpose of this rule, once the first pitch is thrown, this constitutes the start of the game. There is a 10-minute grace period for the first game only.
C. Team must pay during this allotted time. Failure to do so will result in a forfeiture.

A. Home team shall be determined by the flip of a coin prior to the game.
i. If scorer does not show, it is the responsibility of the home team to keep the score and turn in to the night supervisor on duty after game. If this does occur, please note on score sheet that scorer was not present.
B. For playoff games, home team shall be decided by seeding.

A. All teams are responsible for removing their trash from the field, bleachers, and area surrounding the field.
B. The teams that play the last game of the night are responsible for making sure there is no trash left on the field, bleachers, or the area surrounding the field.
i. If there is trash that remains after the last game, then the 2 teams playing the final game of the evening will be fined $35 per team and will not be permitted to play until the fine is paid. Fines are payable to St. Patrick’s Booster club.

A. Steel spikes are not allowed. Players must wear shoes.
B. All catchers must wear a facemask.
C. OFFICIAL SOFTBALL – Any Classic M Plus .52(Classic Plus) COR (optic yellow) or ASA .52 COR (optic yellow)
i. You may only use the softballs stamped USSSA Classic M Plus (with USSSA logo) or with the ASA Logo.
ii. Softballs from past seasons may be used; The ball should be in “good, used” condition, determined by the Umpire.
iii. Every team will furnish a new ball each game. Any backup balls used in a game must also be a Classic M Plus Softball with USSSA Classic Plus stamped on it or a .52 Cor ASA softball with the ASA stamp on it.
D. BATS – Players may use any official softball bat that bears the approval of either ASA or USSSA.
i. NOLA Fray reserves the right to deem any bat of exotic construction illegal at any time
ii. If a bat appears to be altered (painted, sanded, and/or any other fashion and the label on the bat cannot be read), the umpire/supervisor shall determine whether the bat shall be removed from the game. Umpire’s/supervisor’s decision is final. No protest on game in question will be accepted. Program Director/Supervisor/Umpire reserves the right to examine any bat at any time. Any player(s) refusing to “show” a bat for examination purposes is subject to ejection.
If bat is determined to be illegal, batter will be called “out” and will be ejected from the game.
All base runners will return to the previous occupied base.
For purpose of this rule, the illegal bat must have been used for at least one pitch and a pitch has not been thrown to the next batter.
Second Offense: In addition to the above, player(s) will be dropped from the league.
iii. The ASA and/or USSSA logo/stamp must appear on all bats used in all Games. No Exceptions.

12. BASES:
Men – 80 ft.

Men —60 ft.

Lineups must be submitted to the official scorer five minutes prior to game time and should include team name and names of players (last name, first initial).
A. A team must have seven (7) offensive and defensive players to start a game; less than seven (7) players, the team must forfeit. . The forfeiting team is responsible for paying all umpire fees for both teams by Friday at 5PM of the week in which the forfeit was made
B. If a player is injured, or becomes ill during a game, resulting in a team not having seven (7) players, the team may finish the game with less than seven players.
C. If a player is ejected from a game, resulting in a team having less than seven (7) players, the team must forfeit and pay the associated fees.
D. ADDITIONS may be made to lineup (at bottom) before the first time through the lineup is completed. Once each player has had one at bat, no additions may be made. Substitutions will then be made for any player arriving after the batting order has completed the first round.
i.Exception: When a team starts with less than 10 players, late arrivals, up to ten, may be added at any time
E. Teams may bat up to (15) fifteen players, but do not have to. Any ten on original lineup (to include any additions made to lineup before the first round is completed) may play defensively at any time. Any player that plays the field must bat!
F. Any player that appears on the original batting order may substitute freely on defense without penalty.
G. A SUBSTITUTE who is not in the original batting order, may enter the game only once. Once a substitute is taken out the game, he/she may not re-enter the game. All starters (original lineup with additions) may re-enter the game one time only. All substitutes must be reported to the scorekeeper and recorded on the score sheet.
i. Ex. Johnny is not in the batting lineup. The coach puts Johnny in to run for Joey. Johnny now replaces Joey in the lineup. Joey may reenter the game for Johnny only once, he may not reenter for any other player. Once Johnny reenters, Joey is out of the game and may not return.
H. Once a game starts and a player is removed from a game because of illness, injury or ejection and is not replaced, his/her next turn only at bat shall be an out and they shall be skipped in the lineup for any subsequent at bats.

15. GAMES:
Game times for the entire regular season will be posted on the schedule on the website:, As soon as available. This is alive document and NOLA Fray reserves the right to change game times as needed.
A. Ten (10) minute grace for first game only. No grace period for second or third games. If a team has seven (7) players they must start the game! Any grace period shall come off the allotted game time.
B. Ten (10) run rule in effect after five (5) innings or 4 ½ innings if the home team is ahead
C. Seven (7) innings or one hour and fifteen minutes time limit, no new innings shall start after 70 minutes. The championship game shall have a 1 hour and 15 minute time limit.
D. Any game rained out after four (4) complete innings or 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead, shall constitute a complete game
i. Any rained out game that has not completed the above said innings shall be rescheduled and be replayed from the beginning when possible.
ii. Should a game rainout in the middle of an inning, the score shall revert back to the last completed inning and count as a completed game.

A. The pitcher will throw the ball easy, overhand, with or without an arc, or threequarters or sidearm. No submarine pitches allowed (wrist/hand cannot drop below the elbow)Umpire’s judgment! If the umpire deems the pitch illegal, then the batter has the choice of the result of the play!
B. Pitcher can balk to all bases. NO hidden ball trick.
C. Pitchers will be warned about hard pitching and/or submarine pitching by the plate umpire.
i. On the first warning, the pitch will be called a ball.
ii. Second warning is called a ball in addition to removal of pitcher from mound. The pitcher shall be allowed to play another position but may not return to the mound.
iii. If batter swings at a hard pitch, the result of the play shall stand.

A. The batter will be out on three (3) strikes and receive a walk on five (5) balls.
B. Batters are allowed 2 courtesy foul balls after the 2nd strike. A 3rd foul ball after the 2nd strike shall result in the batter being called out. This includes foul balls over the outfield fence. (Home runs that go foul).

A. Teams are allowed 5 home runs each per game & 1 Up.
B. Any home run after the limit is an automatic out.
C. 1 Up occurs when both teams have hit all their home runs. Each team shall receive an additional Home Run. If both teams hit the additional Home Run (ex: 6th HR), then both teams shall be awarded another HR. This shall continue throughout the duration of the game with no team being allowed to have more than 1 HR more than the other team after 5 HR’s.
D. Each HR over the limit is an out.

A. No batter may “dig in” the batter’s box by removing dirt thus creating hole(s) in the batter’s box. This will be a judgment call by the umpire. Each batter receives 2 occurrences per game, and on the 3rdoccurrence is ejected!
i. The first violation will be a called strike.
ii. On the second violation (by the same batter), an out will be called.
iii. And, on the third violation (by the same batter), offending player will be ejected and must leave the park (to include the parking lot).
B. Scorekeepers will “keep track” of the occurrences (per player).
PLEASE NOTE: Batters will be allowed to move dirt in and around the box without being penalized.

(3rd Base Line/Shed Area, and Scoreboard)
A. If a ball travels into the out of play area along the 3rd base line or under the scoreboard on the right field line, the ball shall be ruled dead and all players are awarded the base they are traveling too regardless of whether the ball comes from the outfield or infield.
B. Players may catch a ball out of play if both feet remain in bounds. (Think NFL Football Sideline) These rules are to protect the fielders and not give an advantage to a base runner.

No bunting allowed.

A. Runners may take a lead at own risk.
i. If played for, runner is forced back to base and must be tagged out.
ii. If ball is overthrown on pickoff attempt, runner or runners may advance one base only at own risk. Runner does not have to tag base before advancing on an overthrow, but must attempt to go back to the previously occupied base before advancing. When runner reaches the next base safely, the ball shall become dead.
B. No Stealing bases allowed.

A. Courtesy runners shall be anyone on the roster, regardless of if they are in the lineup or not.
B. Courtesy runners will only be allowed, after the batter reaches first base safely (or whichever base he attains safely on the play). The courtesy runner shall take his place on the base before a pitch is thrown to the next batter.
C. If an illegal runner is used, base runner will become legal after a pitch has been thrown
D. Before a pitch is made, player may tag illegal baserunner for an out.
E. In cases of injury, a courtesy runner will be allowed. In such cases, the injured shall not re-enter the game.
F. When a team has batted around their lineup once in an inning (when the first batter of the inning comes to the plate for the second time in that same inning), the players who received a courtesy runner in their previous at bat in that inning shall be the only runners allowed to have courtesy runners for their 2nd at bat of the inning.
G. Teams are limited to 2 courtesy runners per inning.
H. Should a base runner become injured after his/her team bats around once in the same inning, the injured base runner may have a courtesy runner. The injured baserunner may not re-enter the game.

Protests will not be permitted. Calls and rule interpretations by an umpire are considered final.

A. Any player that is ejected from a game must leave the field and the area around the bleachers and fences immediately.
B. Any player that is ejected from a game shall be suspended for a minimum of 1 game. The suspension shall be served the following game.
C. Any player that continues to harass NOLA Fray staff, umpires, fans, or spectators from outside the fence, across the street, or any other location, before, after, during a game or after an ejection, shall automatically be suspended for 1 or more weeks. They shall be added to the player’s suspension if the player has been ejected from a game.
D. All suspensions are subject to review by NOLA Fray and may be lengthened or shortened as needed.
E. Any player ejected from 2 games during a season is subject to suspensions for the remainder of the season or longer.
F. Any team that has 3 ejection occurrences during a season, will be asked to leave the league and shall forfeit their remaining games and registration and umpire fees.

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