Special NOLA Fray Addendum for Spring 2018

4.2 TIME LIMITS 4.2.1) Games consist of six (6) innings or sixty (60) minutes from start time, whichever comes first. Note: We will be ignoring Section 4.1 for time limits. 4.2.4) Ties are allowed in regular season games.
4.5 MERCY RULE 4.5.1) If there is a twelve (12) run difference at the end of the 4th inning, or at the end of any full inning thereafter, then this Mercy Rule, which ends the game in the winning teams’ favor, may be invoked by the winning team at that point. The teams are given a choice whether to continue playing or not.
9.1 SUBSTITUTION RULES There are no forfeits during regular season games, so teams may sub to reach the 8 minimum player requirement, but no more than that. The substituted player must play outfield and kick 2nd to last in the kicking lineup. There are no substitutes allowed during playoff games. 10.5 DISCIPLINARY LEVELS Can still play with 10 defensive players if a teammate is ejected from the game.

History of Kickball

Kickball, originally called “Kick Baseball”, was invented around 1917 by Nicholas C. Seuss; Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Around 1920-1921 “Kick Ball” was used by physical education teachers in Public Schools to teach young boys and girls the basics of baseball.

Since its creation kickball has continued to grow in popularity and in the late 1990’s began to enter into the adult social sports realm. Spearheaded by a DC start-up Kickball for adults has spread across the country with groups in nearly every major city getting in on the fun!

Golden Rule

First and foremost all NOLA Fray leagues are 50% Social and 50% Sport. We expect individuals to respect the league’s culture of fair and fun play. Foul language and rough play will not be tolerated and individuals who cannot adhere to our standards of fair play and sportsmanship may be asked to leave the league. NOLA Fray wants everyone to have a fun and be social while enjoying a great sport. Our staff will do whatever they can to make sure all players are having fun.


NOLA Fray is proud to relieve captains of the burden of paying for full teams. While captains and players are able to prepay for additional players and or full teams, it is not a requirement for participation in our leagues. We welcome individual player payments.

We are also proud to welcome those who do not have a full team (small groups and free agents) to participate in our league.

Our primary mission is to make it easier for people to have fun and get involved with social sports and these policies help accomplish that goal.

Because of these policies, all registrations are on a first come first serve basis and any roster that does not reach our standard size (based on each sport) is eligible to receive free agents and or small group by the league. Rosters made up of primarily free agents and or a collection of small groups may field more players than the standard roster size. This policy is in place to help ensure free agent teams are able to consistently field teams each week and avoid forfeits.

1. Each Team must consist of a minimum of 12 Players and a maximum of 20 Players.

2. Each Team may have a maximum of 10 players on the field.

– Teams who do not meet the minimum team requirements will be given 15 minutes to assemble the necessary roster. As soon as both teams have the expected minimum, per the eligibility guidelines, the game will start. Failure to meet the team requirement within 15 minutes will result in a forfeit.

– That 15 minute grace period is taken out of that game’s playing time and the game is still limited to its original time length.

3. Teams must designate a Captain and Co-Captain prior to the start of the season. These are the only Team members allowed to discuss any calls with officials.

4. NO PLAYER, including the Captain and Co-Captain, may verbally abuse or argue in an unsportsmanlike manner to any Referee. Such action is grounds for immediate ejection and possible suspension or expulsion from the Division if the Host or NOLA Fray staff deems it appropriate.

5. Team Captains are required to provide their teams kicking order to the opposing Team upon request. Once a game has started, the lineup cannot be changed except for injury or illness. Eligible Players may be added to the end of the kicking lineup if arriving to the game late.

6. Any use of ineligible players will result in a Team forfeit.

7. If a player kicks out of roster order that player is out.

8. During the regular season, any registered player from that division may serve as a sub for a team under the minimum team requirement.

9. During the playoffs, teams may not use subs and may only use players on their roster.

10. Playoff Eligibility: teams that notch 2 or more forfeits during the regular season will not be eligible for the playoffs

The Field

1. The field will consist of a diamond of equal sides, with bases being placed 60 ft. apart.

2. The pitching strip will be placed in the center of the diamond directly in line with 1st-3rd base and home-2nd base, or 42.42 ft.

3. To prevent collisions, there will be a double base at 1st base with 1 base being in fair territory and 1 base being in foul territory. The base in fair territory is for the fielder and runner already on 1st base. The base in foul territory is for the kicker to run to

4. To further prevent collisions, there will be a double base at home plate with 1 base being in fair territory and 1 base being 5 ft outside, in foul territory. The base in fair territory is for the fielder and the kicker. The base in foul territory is for the runner to touch in order to score a run. Runners touching the home plate in fair territory will be called out.


1. All equipment will be provided by NOLA Fray and will consist of bases, cones, 10′ playground balls, pumps, field measurement aid, score sheets, and a strike/ball counter.

2. All Player participants must wear the official NOLA Fray Division shirt in order to play.

3. Any Player names or nicknames being placed on the jerseys may not be obscene or overtly sexual, nor may they contain any offensive language–If you are unsure, pick another nickname.

– Should a player be found to be in violation of the equipment guidelines they will be subject to suspension and/or possible expulsion from the league.

4. Metal cleats are not allowed.

5. Players may wear any protective gear as deemed acceptable by the Head Referee.

Player Eligibility & Participation

1. All Players must be 21 and have current adequate health insurance.

2. All Players must be properly registered on a team within the Division for which they are playing, and may only play for the team they are registered for unless subbing for another team per the eligibility guidelines.

3. All Players must agree to the NOLA Fray Liability Waiver as described in the NOLA Fray Terms and Conditions section of Player Registration.


1. All Regular Season Games will consist of 6 innings or 60 minutes from the scheduled start time, whichever comes first, and 3 outs per inning for each team’s kicking order. No new innings will begin after 50 minutes of play have passed.

2. Regular Season Games can end in ties. Tournament games will play a full 6 innings or 60 minutes, and will continue until a winner is decided.

3. A Regular Season Game is considered official if it remains tied after 3 full innings of play, or until the Team behind in score has had their chance to kick in the 3rd inning.

4. Games that fail to meet the above criteria will be completed at a later date with the score reverting to what it was at the end of the last complete inning.

5. Games will not be postponed due to rain unless the fields are closed or deemed unplayable by the Division Host and/or NOLA Fray Staff. If lightning is visible, Games will be immediately postponed, and all Players must clear the field.

6. Home and Away teams will be determined by the ancient game of Rock,Paper,Scissors before the game between each team’s captain. Best 1 out of 1 on SHOOT! The Home team shall be on the field first.

7. Forfeited games shall have the final score recorded as 6-0.


1. NOLA Fray will provide one Host or head referee who is on site to settle disputes and is the final word for on any call for each Regular Season Division Game. They are on site to keep the games civil and moving, oh and to party with YOU!


1. A count of 3 Strikes.

2. A count of 3 Fouls.

3. Any pitched ball contacting the Kicker (whether kicked or not) and caught in the air prior to touching the ground.

4. Any time during a live play where the ball makes contact with a Baserunner while not on base or has not yet reached the base s/he is being forced to.

– If any part of a thrown ball makes contact with the Baserunner’s head while the Base Runner is not diving, sliding, or ducking, the Baserunner shall be awarded the base to which s/he was running).

5. Any time a Fielder has control of the ball and touches a base to which a Baserunner is forced to advance prior to the Baserunner reaching the base.

6. Baserunners intentionally running more than 4 feet outside the baseline with the intent to avoid a tag or throw.

7. Baserunners interfering with a fielder making an active play on the ball.

8. Any Baserunner not on base when the ball is kicked.

9. Any Baserunner who passes another Baserunner.

10. Any Baserunner who is physically assisted by any team member.

11. Any attempt to make contact with a kicked ball outside of the Catcher’s zone fair or foul.

Pitching (variations for Women’s league)

1. A pitcher may take 1 full step forward, no more than 4 feet in front of the pitching rubber after the ball is released. He/she cannot get a running start and must throw a kickable pitch. Pitchers must stay behind the 4ft mark until the ball is kicked.

2. The pitchers mound extends in a 12ft. radius from the pitching strip.

3. Excessively slow, fast or bouncy pitching is not allowed (umpires discretion) and will be ruled a ball.

4. Pitchers who repeatedly throw un-kickable pitches may be removed from pitching at the request of the coordinator/umpire.


1. The Strike Zone is 41 inches wide (1 foot to either side of home plate) and approximately 1 foot high. If any part of the ball touches any part of the strike zone, it shall be ruled a strike, however, the ball may not bounce more than 1 foot high, as measured from the bottom of the ball, at any time during the bounce that carries the ball through the strike zone

2. Any attempted bunt or kick that does not make contact with the ball.


1. Any pitch that is not a strike or foul.

2. Any pitch deemed un-kickable by the umpire.

3. A Pitcher may intentionally walk a kicker by announcing his intention to the Head Referee before throwing any pitches. A Pitcher is not required to throw any pitches to intentionally walk a kicker.


1. Any kick that lands in foul territory outside of the Catcher’s Zone.

2. Any kick during which the kicker steps in front of the Home Plate.

3. Double Kicks (anytime the kicker contacts the ball 2 or more times during an attempted kick).

4. Any kick that does not occur below the knee.

5. Any time a kicker makes contact with a pitched ball (intending to kick or not) before the ball has traveled past the kicker.


1. Teams must have 1 and only 1 catcher while on defense.

2. Catchers must stand behind the kicker and within the Catching Zone.

3. Catchers may not cross in front of the kicker nor be positioned outside the Catcher’s Zone until the ball is kicked.

4. If the Catcher impedes the kicker intentionally or unintentionally, the kicker will be awarded 1st base, and any runners may advance if they are forced to.

5. If in the Head Referee’s opinion, the kicker makes an unnatural move and initiates contact in an attempt to draw a Catcher Interference call, the kicker shall be called out.


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