Dance and Groove Your Way Through Mardi Gras with this #FrayLife Guide to Some of NOLA’s Best Dance Groups



Sure, Mardi Gras floats are big and impressive—especially when it comes to the Super Krewes—but there’s a whole lot going on between the floats too. Over the past few years, DIY dance groups have popped up all over the city, and they strut their stuff in a slew of Mardi Gras parades, as well as other holiday parades and events, throughout the year. If you’ve ever found yourself sick of standing on the sidelines begging for throws, joining a dance group is a great way to meet new people, get moving, and participate in Mardi Gras entertainment. Plus there’s such a huge variety of dance groups; you’re sure to find one that piques your interest. Read on for our #FrayLife guide to some of our favorite groups, and get ready to shake your tail feather!


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Perfect for: Women over 30 who love being over-the-top, loud, and sparkly!

Founded in 2001, the Pussyfooters (one of the leaders in the recent New Orleans dance group resurgence) is a group of more than 100 women over 30 known for its pink-and-orange corsets, white boots, and glitter. The group performs in nearly 50 parades and events all year round and also raise money for the Metropolitan Center for Women and Children. Current members must nominate new members.

610 Stompers

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Perfect for: Men who’ve dreamed of dancing like Napoleon Dynamite!

610 Stompers is one of the most beloved and entertaining dance groups in the city. Its mission is to “return the ordinary man to the glory of dance.” This group of 100 “ordinary men with extraordinary moves” performs in numerous parades and events throughout the year. The group holds auditions every summer, which are also open for public viewing.


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Perfect for: Women who love Elvis, Grease, and all things rockabilly!

The Muff-A-Lottas, named after the beloved classic sandwich, is a 50-member women’s group known for its 1950s-inspired diner waitress style, including saddle shoes and crinoline, and for dancing with serving trays. The group participates in parades and events throughout the year and conducts new member open enrollment in April every year.

Disco Amigos

Perfect for: Anyone who hasn’t recovered from disco fever!

Whoever said disco is dead got it wrong: the members of Disco Amigos are living proof! This group is a celebration of all things disco, from their Afro wigs to its platform shoes. The members perform in multiple parades and events throughout the year. The group is open to everyone, and it holds disco dancing classes every week for anyone who wants to learn how to boogie.

Sirens of New Orleans

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Perfect for: Service-minded women who were born to be mermaids!

Founded in 2010, the Sirens began as a group of women who not only wanted to dance but also to serve the New Orleans community they love. The 85-member group hypnotizes sailors in various parades and many events throughout the year. The Sirens troupe holds auditions every year for new members. It is also always looking for people to join the Sailor Corp, a group that supports the Sirens during events.

NOLA Chorus Girl Project

Perfect for: Jazz-loving women who’ve dreamed of being dancers in a 1930s MGM musical.

Vintage-loving women of all skill levels are welcome to join the Chorus Girl Project. Membership works on a season-by-season basis, and each season the girls learn a new, choreographed number inspired by early 20th-century chorus lines from the silver screen, with a fabulous costume to match. The Chorus Girl Project performs at various venues throughout the city and dances in the Krewe of Freret Mardi Gras parade.

Organ Grinders

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Perfect for: Anyone spicy who loves showing a little skin!

Since 2010, the Organ Grinders, a.k.a. the Sexah Monkeys, have been donning fezzes, monkey ears, and crop tops in parades all across the city. The group is open to everyone, including all skill levels.

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