24 #FrayLife-Approved Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Order In Time for Christmas



Not sure if you’ve noticed but Christmas is close. REALLY close. Like stop-reading-this-article-and-go-finish-your-shopping-right-now close.

OK, finish the article first, but then it’s Christmas crunch time and you better start stuffing stockings before it’s too late.

Don’t worry if you still haven’t finished shopping for someone (or everyone) on your list, because per usual we’ve got your back. To make your life easier, here’s s list of 24 absolutely awesome last-minute gift ideas that you can still order in time for Christmas.

Aka the perfect, Prime-ready present for every person on your list is only a couple clicks away.

Just a heads up before you start filling your shopping cart…we love bringing you the best content in town for free each and every week, but we also gotta eat, so full-disclosure, each one of these gift ideas is linked to the Fray Amazon Affiliates account and we’ll pocket a few bucks for each sale.

We did our best to find fun and exciting presents you’ll truly love to give or receive (or buy for yourself), so if you find one (or 24) that you like, do us a favor and buy it through our article.

Not only will you guarantee someone on your list scores a kickass present this holiday, but you’ll also be helping us pay the bills so we can keep bringing you the best local content…for free.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let the last-minute holiday shopping begin. We made it super easy and broke it down by personality type (you’re welcome).


The Competitive One

From beach games to bar games, every game is serious with this person on your list.

Giant Beer Pong

For the one who can’t resist yelling “Kobe” every time he throws something away


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Rodopa Flying Disc Game

It involves drinking and good aim– good luck!


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Ultimate Pub Trivia

Own your local Trivia Night in 2019 by getting in some much-needed practice questions


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Shot Roulette

Gamble without losing anything– okay, maybe your dignity but not any hard-earned cash.


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The Active One

Gifts perfect for the outdoorsy friend. The one who is always dragging you out of bed for sunrise hikes before brunch and runs 5Ks for fun.


It’s about to be 2019, and it’s about time we conquer those hydration resolutions!


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Venture Pal Lightweight Backpack

For the friend who likes to be as prepared as possible for adventures


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Bicycle Light Set

Give the gift of safety this season. Between the new scooter craze and crazy DC traffic, you can never be too careful.


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HomeCo Camping Hammock

Help your friend relax and unwind after they drag you to the top of a mountain on a completely uphill hike.


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The Artsy One

They’re your go-to for creative inspiration. Their Instagram feed is fire. Everything they say sounds so profound.

Wine Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Coloring and sarcastic remarks: the perfect bridge between childhood and #adulting.


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Fujifilm Instax

For your friend who is always running out of storage on her phone because of all the pics she’s “gonna print soon.” Yeah right.


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Magnetic Poetry Kit

Channel that Rupi Kaur spirit and give the gift of poetry and magnetic inspiration.


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Letter Board

For that friend who is always leaving notes around, making to-do lists, or just loves some good seasonal signage.


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The Eco-Friendly One

All they want is for you to save the turtles– is that too much to ask?? Go green, or at least help someone else reduce their carbon footprint this holiday season.

Reusable Straw

We repeat: SAVE. THE. TURTLES.


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Reusable Shopping Bags

Reduce, reuse, recycle. And avoid the bag fees and guilt at the grocery store checkout.


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Edo Box

Healthy eating resolutions are right around the corner. Help your friends start things off right!


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The Good Times One

For the one who’s an expert on all things craft beer, a wine connoisseur, or an amateur mixologist– or all of the above.

Beer Making Kit

The ultimate gift for your friend who won’t shut up about his or her love and knowledge of IPAs– put them to the test.


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Tequila Mockingbird

There’s nothing we love more than witty banter and a good literary reference. Oh wait– all of that, but with alcohol!


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Automatic Wine Opener

For the friend you know drinks a lot of wine, yet is somehow always searching YouTube to find “how to open wine bottle without corkscrew.”


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USA Beer Cap Display

Challenge your friends to broaden their horizons and try some beers from all over the U.S.!


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The Well-Traveled One

You’re living vicariously through their “food in the air” posts at restaurants all around the globe. Their social media has you ready to pack up your bags and head straight to the airport.

Luggage Tags

While we can’t guarantee the airline won’t still misplace your luggage, this is a great gift for frequent flyers.


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Scratch Off Map of the World

Whether your friend’s 2019 goal is to start traveling more, or she’s already able to scratch off quite a few places, this gift is a fun way to track progress.


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Photos are cool, too, but being able to look back on live action is even better.


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#FrayLife Merch

FrayLife Tank Top

Get ready for those sun’s out, gun’s out posts.


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FrayLife Crewneck

Get hip with our awesome new crewneck!


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FrayLife Sweatpants

For the friends who won’t admit it’s actually getting colder and they need to put away the shorts.


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