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For couples who have been together a long time, “dating” may seem like a thing of the past. You’re past the “everything’s new and exciting” phase, and you’ve survived meeting the parents. Most nights probably revolve around Netflix and Chilling- with or without the chill part. Just because you’ve been together forever, though, doesn’t mean life has to be same-old, same-old all the time.

Finding new and different things to do will help strengthen your relationship, and teach you more about each other. And the beauty is, because you’re so comfortable around each other, you’re much more willing to try something ridiculous and boundary-pushing than newbie couples who are still concerned with impressing each other. So, go forth, and leave your comfort zone behind! Here are some suggestions for ways to break the mold, right here in NOLA:

Get Cultured

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There’s no way you’re getting your hands on Hamilton tickets, but luckily there are plenty of other opportunities to enjoy the theatrical arts (said in a nasally, snob voice) in New Orleans.  If you’re looking for something more mainstream, the Saenger Theater brings Broadway shows and popular music acts to NOLA. For something a little different, check out the New Orleans Ballet Association calendar for local dance performances. If you want to channel your inner Frasier and Niles Crane, try New Orleans Opera or the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra– you’re sure to have an unforgettable evening, even if you discover culture isn’t really your thing!

Get Active

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They say the couple that plays together stays together. While gym dates are a great way to stay fit together, for those who aren’t gym rats, there are tons of ways to break a sweat in New Orleans without the spandex and sweat bands. Try kayaking on Bayou St. John- Bayou Paddlesports offers two-hour single, tandem, and SUP rentals. Water sports not your thing? Head over to the New Orleans Boulder Lounge in Bywater to try your hand at climbing. Want to get active, while getting in touch with your inner-child?  Head out to Metairie and spend the day at Surge Trampoline Park or Laser Tag of Metairie where you and your mate can team up, or go head to head!

#FrayLife Tip: For the best of the Bayou experience, rent your kayaks, paddle south, and hop out for lunch at Parkway Bakery to see the whole Bayou, and sample some of New Orleans’ most-loved po’ boys!

Get Educated

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You’re never too old to learn something new, and having a partner to learn with makes the experience that much better. For practical skills you can use at home, try a cooking class at New Orleans School of Cooking. In their open hands-on classes you’ll cook together with the guidance of a professional chef, and then sit down and enjoy the meal you’ve prepared. Throwing a party and looking to impress? Take a mixology class at the New Orleans Drink Lab and the two of you will be master bartenders in no time. Is there a skill you wish you’d learned years ago? Try the New Orleans Writers Workshop, or enroll in a class at Delgado Community College to expand your horizons. Stepping back in a classroom with a partner is less intimidating, and you’ll have a built in study buddy!

Get Sexy

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When you’re with someone a long time, you get comfortable. The fish is already hooked, so the makeup comes off, and the sweatpants come out. If life at home is feeling a little more like oatmeal than it used to, fear not! There are all sorts of things you can do to add a little Tony Chachere’s back into the mix. You know those sloppy tourists swaying down Bourbon Street? Pretend you’re two of them for the night! Head to a tacky bar like The Beach and dance. Not the dancing type? Check out a Society of Sin burlesque show to get a few ideas. They might even inspire you to take a class together somewhere like the New Orleans School of Burlesque or Pole Perfect Fitness.

What do you and your significant other like to do on date night? Let us know in the comments or by tagging us on social media using #FrayLife and #NOLAFray.

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