Don’t Miss Out on these Sweet Snoball Flavors Before they Disappear Forever! (or until next summer)



It’s inevitable. It happens every year.

Snoball season starts, and you’re first in line at your favorite stand, wondering how you made it all those winter months without this life-giving nectar [cream].

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Summer comes, and you’re getting snoballs all the time– the high school students working behind the counter tell you your order, instead of the other way around, because even though every year you say you’re gonna try out new flavors, you Just. Can’t. Stray. from your usual– and life is good.

But summer comes and goes, the Saints season kicks off, the high school students start coming to work in their school uniforms, and your attention moves to something else besides snoballs.  


It’s late-September, the weather calendar tells you it’s Fall, and oh my Lanta, you can feel it in your bones: your favorite treat is about to be whisked away from you for you-don’t-even-KNOW-how-long.  

If all you can think of right now are all the flavors you let go untasted, we’re here to tell you, you still have time! Most snoball stands are still open, though their hours may have shortened a bit.  Since the season’s a little bit different every year, we went around asking our favorite stands about their closing dates so that you don’t have to!

Wanna take advantage of these last few weeks and live through the winter with no regrets?  We’ve made a list of snoballs to get before the season ends. Take a look below, then make sure to share your favorite snoballs by tagging pics with #FrayLife #NOLAFray on social!

  1. Sal’s Robin, Stuffed With Vanilla Soft Serve

Open through October

Photo Credit: Nola

Nectar + Ice Cream + Cream = Robin. Basically, Sal’s took two of the most popular flavors in the city and made them even better by putting them together. Robin is one of Sal’s six cream flavors, which they don’t charge extra for, so you’re getting TWO flavors AND cream, all for the price of a regular snoball! Knowing that, you might as well treat yourself by getting your snoball “stuffed” with ice cream in the middle.

#FrayLife Tip: Make sure you tell the employee making your snoball that you want it “stuffed” BEFORE they start pouring the ice, so that they can fill it halfway, add ice cream, then top it off!

  1. William Plum Street’s Chocolate cream, homemade condensed milk

Open through October

Photo Credit: Plum St.

You just can’t let the snoball season slip away without one more dangerously decadent chocolate snoball. We recommend you go with not just any chocolate, but Plum Street’s Homemade Chocolate Cream. After that, it’s the classic Give A Mouse A Cookie scenario: if you’re getting a chocolate snoball, you’re probably gonna ask for condensed milk. Again, Plum Street goes above and beyond here: their condensed milk is homemade, too.

#FrayLife Tip: If presentation is important (gotta keep your Insta game strong), order your snoball in a small or large pail for the infamous Plum Street snoball-in-a-Chinese-takeout-container.

  1. Hansen’s Satsuma / Fresh Fruit

    Photo Credit: Only In Your State

Open throughout the fall, into the winter

Hansen’s has been around for a real long time, but boy, do they know how to keep it FRESH. Their flavors made from real, fresh ingredients are the exact kind of refreshing you look for in a frozen treat. Every fresh flavor is awesome, but we have a soft spot for the Satsuma one.

#FrayLife Tip: Hansen’s is one of the only stands to take card, so head here if you’re not about the cash life.

  1. Pandora’s Wedding Cake

    Photo Credit: Cake Spy

Mid October

There’s just something about knowing what you’re eating is a snowball yet STILL not being fully convinced you didn’t just take a bite of an actual wedding cake. We can’t recommend it enough. Hop on the streetcar and get off at this Mid-City stand for this sweet, tried-and-true treat.

#FrayLife Tip: If you’re in the mood for actual food, Pandora’s has got you covered. We always roll up ready for their nachos.

Do you have a favorite snoball that you’re gonna miss when it’s gone for the season? Let us know what other awesome treats belong on our list!

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