Beat the Heat: NOLA Summer Guide to Keeping Cool



The thermometer’s just exploded, the humidity’s at 154% and the termites are swarming… yup, it’s summertime here in New Orleans! Whether we like it or not (probably not), summer is here to stay for the long haul. We don’t have to like it, but we do have to deal with it. Luckily, your #NolaFray fam is here with our guide to beating the summer heat! You’re welcome!

Take in a show!

It’s no secret that one of the best activities to cool off is heading to the movies where the A/C is blasting. There’s a reason all those big box offices smashes come out during the summer! There are a few different chain theaters around the city, but we suggest checking out the Broad Theater in Mid City, or the Prytania Theater in Uptown. Both locally owned theaters screen new releases and also host special screenings and events throughout the year. The Broad has a top-notch concession stand offering typical favorites as well as selections from their kitchen and a full bar. The Prytania is an old-school classic that’s been around since 1914!

#FrayLife Tip: To cool off at a different kind of show head to the Solomon Victory Theater at the WWII museum for their interactive film “Beyond All Boundaries,” then explore the rest of the museum. With the air cranked up to preserve artifacts and patrons, it just might be the coldest place in the city!

Take a dip!

We can’t control the temperature of the air, but we can jump into some heavenly, temperature-controlled water! Best-case scenario you’ve got a friend (or teammate!) with a pool, but if you aren’t that lucky, there are pools all over the city to take advantage of. NORD (New Orleans Recreation Department) operates 17 different pools across the city, all free and open to the public. You can find the full list online. If you’re looking for something a little fancier, check out some local hotels. Many including the Ace Hotel, NOPSI Hotel, W New Orleans, and the Drifter Hotel are open to locals for an entrance fee. The Country Club in Bywater is also a classy spot to tread water for a small fee.

Hit the water!

Chlorine and cabanas not your thing? No prob! Nola’s got all kinds of ways to get wet- spend some time on the river, bayou, or Lake Ponchartrain and feel the breeze in your hair, or maybe the literal wind in your sails. Sail Nola and other groups offer sailing lessons and cruises on the lake. Head out to the swamp for an airboat ride, or take a paddle wheeler cruise on the river on the Creole Queen or Steamboat Natchez. You can even kayak on Bayou St. John, (though it’s significantly less breezy!).

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Treat Yo Self!

There’s nothing like an ice-cold drink or snack to offer a little relief on a hot day. With a snowball or daiquiri, you get the best of both worlds! Snowballs are a family-friendly option, while daiquiris are a party-friendly option. Both come in about a million different flavors, so you can try something different all summer long. For a caffeine fix, get an iced coffee or a frozen granita. Both local favorites can be found at nearly any coffee shop in the city, including local chains PJs and CC’s. Of course, there’s always ice cream, but that’s not quite as authentically Nola as the rest!

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How do you keep cool in the summer sun? Share with us in the comments and tag ##NOLAFray and #FrayLife on social!

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