Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Go to the NOLA Wine Walk

NOLA partygoers and a charity walk into a bar… well, make that a few bars! NOLA Fray is hosting its first ever NOLA Wine Walk, an event where attendees can sample wine and supports called Wine to Water, a charity that devotes their resources to providing clean water access to those who need it. And don’t worry, you won’t be walking away empty handed! When you attend this amazing event, you will receive free swag and memories that will last a lifetime! Still not sure? Let me change your mind.

  1. Give Back to a Charitable Cause!

At the NOLA Wine Walk, you can enjoy glasses of wine while simultaneously giving back! A portion of all sales from the Wine Walk will go towards Wine to Water, a foundation that promotes clean drinking water in underdeveloped countries. With your support, you can enjoy a nice evening out while helping others 

  1. Get Some Free Swag 

Who doesn’t love free stuff? At NOLA Wine Walk, every wine walker will receive a souvenir glass to reminisce about the event. Plus, the first 50 people who register early get a free tote bag and plate!

  1. Experience the First Wine Walk in NOLA 

That’s right, this will be the first ever Wine Walk to be held in New Orleans! Although New Orleans is well known (and well loved) for its drinking scene, this walk will allow participants to enjoy a night out on the town while giving back to a community in need. Help us support this amazing cause for the first time ever in New Orleans – all with a glass of vino in hand.

  1. VIP, baby!

Oh yes, VIP is the way to go my friends! The VIP ticket gets you access to the event one hour early, skipping out on the huge crowds and loud rooms. Enjoy your wine in peace and get the VIP tickets while they are hot!


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