Our Mission:

At NOLA Fray we’re on a mission to make fun possible. Through social sports leagues and special events, we help you connect with friends, making new ones and play more often. All of our leagues, policies & rules are built to support the #FrayLife mission!

Ultimate Frisbee 411:

This season will feature 6 weeks of regular season games and then an end-of-season tournament for playoffs!
(Every team makes the playoffs!) We are excited to partner with the New Orleans Disc Association to bring this recreational ultimate league to the city :)

This league is a Recreational League! We will have volunteers on site providing instruction on how to play ultimate. This league is intended to grow the game in the greater New Orleans area. If you have never thrown a frisbee, have played pick up but nothing organized, or just love the game of Ultimate and want to play more, this league is for YOU!

The league will have a staff host on site. Teams will play 7 vs 7 ultimate and are required to have at least 10 players on their roster. We encourage small groups and free agents for this league! League play will be open format, meaning no required gender minimums for participation.

Games begin October 9th and run weekly from 6:30-10:00pm. 

  • Create a Group/Team (Choose your group name and the max numbers you plan on having)
  • Join a Group (People who want to play together, but don't have enough to field a full team)
  • Join as a Free Agent (Sign up by yourself to be placed in a group to meet other AWESOME People!)

Important Dates

10/09 - Week 1 
10/16 - Week 2 (T-shirts)
10/23 - Week 3 
10/30 - Week 4
11/06 - Week 5
11/13 - Week 6
11/20 - Week 7 (Playoffs - Tentative) 
12/04 - Week 8 (Playoffs - Tentative)